maafkanlah mereka. bukan memberi maksud anda mengalah dan mereka menang. tapi cukuplah sekadar memberi petunjuk betapa rendahnya ego anda jika dibandingkan dengan nilai persahabatan itu sendiri.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

minggu yg bz!!

oh seriously shit..it's coming again..the shiznit week ever after..argh!! tensen3...n again i'm going to put myself in bad situation..damn!!..got a lot of work to do..with upcoming 2nd test..huh..it's really2 shiznit..crazy n useless!!!..
this week i'll attending the 2nd test for my seriously killer paper..2nd java progamming..damn!! damn!!..do i have to attend?..yes of coz!!!!..but then it's really damn..plus..the TITAS assignment..argh..this week is our due date..shit..got no progress yet but then still can relax, playing bdminton sometimes n walking around..haha..hah!!..how about the assgnment for 2nd java programming..man,it's really killing me..somebody kill me!!

argh!!..somebody calling..got an event lor..walking around the UPM..ngeh3..shit..

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