maafkanlah mereka. bukan memberi maksud anda mengalah dan mereka menang. tapi cukuplah sekadar memberi petunjuk betapa rendahnya ego anda jika dibandingkan dengan nilai persahabatan itu sendiri.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

| love is hurts. |

it hurts to not say 'i love you.' but it hurts even more to say 'i love you' and knowing that i'm not going to hear it in return.

someone asked me, "how does it feel to love someone who love someone else?". after taking a very deep breath, i said " it is like hugging a cactus. the tighter you hug the more it hurts."

love is a memory which no one can steal. but it leaves you a broken heart that no one can heal.

i'm sorry i was never enough to make you happy.

am i on you mind like the way your in mine? would you be sad if i'm left or happy if i'm gone? would you miss me if i never come back? do you love me the way i love you?

who say water helps in putting off fire? if so then why tears don't heals the burn in one's heart.

someday you'll cry for me like i've cried for you. someday you'll miss me like i've missing you. someday you'll love me but i'm afraid i won't love anymore like i love you now.

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