maafkanlah mereka. bukan memberi maksud anda mengalah dan mereka menang. tapi cukuplah sekadar memberi petunjuk betapa rendahnya ego anda jika dibandingkan dengan nilai persahabatan itu sendiri.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

kami pelangi

our friendship is soothing..
like a warm gentle breeze..
a soft tender rustle..
thru the leaves of the trees..

our friendship can bloom..
like a beautiful spring day..
yours and mine did..
in such a wonderful way..

our friendship brings rainbow..
after the storm..
it appears in the winter..
to keep our heart warm..

our friendship withstands hardships..
as the winter wind blows..
like a candle in the window..
with its soft warm glow..

friendship is a treasured gift..
it gives our heart a feeling..
a blessing we just cannot do without..
because friendship is what living is all about..

i don't regret the thing i've done..
or things i have chosen not to do because whatever i've done..
i must have done something right..
because i ended up with you guys!!

p/s : kami pelangi will always together..
"seindah pelangi seceria kami"

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