maafkanlah mereka. bukan memberi maksud anda mengalah dan mereka menang. tapi cukuplah sekadar memberi petunjuk betapa rendahnya ego anda jika dibandingkan dengan nilai persahabatan itu sendiri.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

| i will lend u everything i have, but not my heart - it's already yours~ |

i will lend u my shoulder to cry on..
my ears to listen to..
my hand for u to hold..
my feet to walk with..
but sorry..
i cannot lend u my heart..
because it's already yours..

being with someone doesn't necessarily have to make u happy..
but if being with that person will make u comfortable and complimented..
if it's fills the hole of your heart..
then that lucky person is yours..

loving means giving in and accepting..
not demanding..

i LOVE u..
it just a 3 simple words..
but it meanings a lot to me..
as how much i'm adoring u in my life~

riez : i'm stuck in love with u..either u realize or not..i'm hoping for the best for us..

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